How it all started, Baby’s first iPad

by Steph K on February 7, 2012

in Tablets for Tots

Fjordlands, BC

It all started with a vacation.

We were invited to join B’s Papa and his wife on their boat in British Columbia for a week. Fantastic! Except that B was an extremely active 20-month old who was happiest when things were changing and when she was outside. She couldn’t appreciate scenery yet, and we wouldn’t be able to go ashore much. She’d enjoy the boat until she’d explored it thoroughly, which I estimated would take about 3 hours.

A day before the trip, I made a visit to the local Apple store, purchased an iPad 2 (I’d been needing one for work anyway) and quickly scoured the internet for “Best Toddler iPad Apps.”

Here’s what we loaded up with for the trip:

Some were duds, most were good, but had a detail or two that bothered me. (I’m a user experience professional by day, so I notice things.)

Since the initial vacation, B and I have added to our app collection and to our experience with iPad apps for toddlers. We started this blog to share our real experience with these apps.

We’ll be providing detailed reviews of the apps mentioned above, plus new ones as we use them. We hope this blog will become a useful guide to other families looking for the perfect app for their kid.

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