2-Year Olds Can’t Keep Secrets

by Steph K on April 25, 2012

in Tablets for Tots

Am I getting a new iPad for my birthday?

Secret Spiller

Can I keep a secret? Suuuure...!

B to me: My got Mommy present.

Me: Oh?

B: Yeah! My got Mommy pink baby iPad with new games!

Me: Is it a surprise for my birthday? (My birthday is next week.)

B: Yeah! Where present go? (She runs out of the room.)

B: DADDY! Where new games go? (They have a quiet conversation about secrets and surprises.)

Well, I have to admit I’m not really quite sure what I’m getting for my birthday… but I bet they got it at the Apple Store.

Update: Here’s the scene on May 2

What could possibly be in this box? ... Oh my goodness! ... it's a new iPad, thanks B!

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