Review Requests

So, you want your app reviewed by the Picky Kids?

Here’s what you need to know.

We cannot review all apps submitted. We review about 30% of the apps that are submitted via this form. We pick these based on the fact that we really want to try them!

We do not require a fee or take promo codes for the reviews that you see on this site. However, there are some conditions.

Free review conditions

  • Your app must be appropriate for our audience (pre-K kids, in particular 2- to 4- year olds) and look like something that we would buy for ourselves.
  • We publish the review on our schedule (normally 2 months after we purchase the app — sometimes longer due to other apps in the queue).
  • We don’t share the review with you until it’s published (at which point we’ll notify you via our twitter announcement, assuming you have a twitter account).
  • If you request the review, a note similar to the following will appear in the review: “The developer of this app requested a Picky Kid App Guide review”

Other options

Expedited Review

The Picky Kid App Guide will consider requests to expedite reviews for a fee. The same conditions as above apply. In addition, somewhere in the review a note similar to the following will appear: “A small fee was paid to the Picky Kid App Guide to expedite this review.”

Professional Services

We offer professional services such as user experience consulting and app audits at any stage of your project. Fees vary per project and scope of work. Professional services are not limited to children’s apps — though if your app is appropriate for the Picky Kid audience, it’s likely (but not guaranteed) that we’ll review it. In the case of a review, we’ll note somewhere in the review that “The author provided professional services to the developer of this app before it was reviewed by the Picky Kid App Guide.”


Your app has the best chance of being reviewed if:

  • It has some educational value for 2-4 year olds
  • It is formatted for iPad (we don’t have to run it at 2x)
  • It does not contain religious references
  • It does not contain licensed characters
  • It does not require us to download another app to run
  • It is in English

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