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11 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your New iPad (with your 2 to 4 year old kid)

Tips for using your new iPad with your kid

Is your family getting an iPad for Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthday, fill-in-the-blank? Great! Here are some do’s and dont’s from the Picky Kids on how to make the most of it! Do: Have a plan for “loading up.” Think about what kind of apps you want before you start shopping for them. And if it’s educational […]

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Birthday Picks: Top 3 iPad apps for 2-3 year olds

3rd Birthday app pics

[Update 5/26/2013] 6 months later… …and we’ve found some excellent new (well, new to us anyway) apps for kids ages 2-3. If you’re searching for engaging, fun and education apps for this age-group, check out the updated list below! And, thankfully, the Purple iPad is still intact 🙂 OMG… B is 3! …and since our […]

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2-Year Olds Can’t Keep Secrets

The present!

Am I getting a new iPad for my birthday? B to me: My got Mommy present. Me: Oh? B: Yeah! My got Mommy pink baby iPad with new games! Me: Is it a surprise for my birthday? (My birthday is next week.) B: Yeah! Where present go? (She runs out of the room.) B: DADDY! Where […]

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How it all started, Baby’s first iPad

It all started with a vacation. We were invited to join B’s Papa and his wife on their boat in British Columbia for a week. Fantastic! Except that B was an extremely active 20-month old who was happiest when things were changing and when she was outside. She couldn’t appreciate scenery yet, and we wouldn’t […]

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