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by Steph K on May 29, 2012

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Picky Kid Rating: 1.9

Who is Carl? He’s a red rectangle with a big mouth made out of some sort of plastic/bubble combo super-material. Does he teach you anything? No, not really, except how silly you sound when recorded and played back at a higher pitch. There’s not much substance to this app; it offers rather benign mindless entertainment.

Talking Carl is the digital equivalent of your brother, sister or annoying friend who drives you insane by copying what you say, but with several bonuses — you can make him (it?) jump, spin around, dance, even do a backflip. You even can poke and tickle him without getting in trouble.

The character is fairly cute (for a plastic rectangle), and the designers/developers have done a good job of giving him some personality. He’ll get the hiccups, sneeze, and mumble at you if you stop playing with him.

Since we originally purchased Talking Carl (September 2011), he has gained a friend, a green blob named Gugl, and the name of the app has changed to “Talking Carl & Gugl”. Gugl doesn’t improve the game much, if at all. If you tap Carl, then Gugl, then Carl, then Gugl, you can get them to “converse,” but other than that, Gugl doesn’t do much.

The addition of Gugl also brought a “music mode” where Gugl and Carl will engage in a sort of “sing-off”. You can sing too, and, true to form, Carl will sing back at you.

Download on the App StoreWe’re not a fan of Talking Carl. This app has very limited educational value. Kids can too easily “hurt” the characters by poking them in the eye. And the touchscreen response is slow at times, which is frustrating. We’ll be deleting this app soon.

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Picky Kid Rating: 1.9/5

Review: Talking Carl iPad app, 1.9 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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Talking Carl

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