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by Steph K on April 13, 2012

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Scenes from Once Upon a Potty

Scenes from Once Upon a Potty (Girl Edition)

Picky Kid Rating: 3.1

Many parents of 2- and 3-year-olds will understand why we have a story about potty training in our app collection. We hope there’s a better one out there than Once Upon a Potty. While this book app has a refreshing cut-paper illustration style (the picky kids get tired of cartoon-style art) and a pleasant voiceover, the overall experience could be improved.

Once Upon a Potty iPad App - Picky Kid Rating: 3.1/5There are two versions of Once Upon a Potty — one for girls and one for boys — and you’ll want the appropriate version if your picky kid cares about anatomical correctness. The girl version follows Prudence and her mother as they discover the potty, what it’s for and how to use it. The app has three “book” modes — “read to me”, “read myself” and “autoplay” — plus two “song” modes (for those who would like to hear “The Potty Song”), which feels like too many choices for a toddler. In the book modes (other than autoplay), children can turn the page by swiping across the screen. The page-turning action looks realistic, but not all swipes result in a page turn (some just move to different areas of the scene), causing frustration for kids who really want a new page!

Our other main complaint about this app is that too many pop-up messages distract from game play. There are messages to rate the app, messages asking whether we want to start from the beginning or resume the book, and messages warning us when we start autoplay mode. Almost every time we play this game we need to ok or cancel some message.

Minor content issues: Prudence uses her “pee-pee” to “make wee-wee”. In our house, we “go pee-pee” instead of “make wee-wee”, but B doesn’t seem to mind the difference. Also, the potty in the story doesn’t look at all like the one we have… But the concept still gets across.

Download on the App StoreIf we find a potty-training themed app that’s better than Once Upon A Potty, we’ll let you know. Any suggestions out there?

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Picky Kid Rating: 4.1/5

Review: Once Upon A Potty iPad App, 4.1 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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Once Upon a Potty - Girl

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