Review: Baby Play Face iPad app

by Steph K on March 20, 2012

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Scenes from Baby Play Face

Picky Kid Rating: 1.7

I cringe when B opens Baby Play Face, which luckily is not often. I find the digital face to be creepy, and the voiceover annoyingly repetitive because it’s so limited. These things do not bother B as much, but she is frustrated that she can’t change the baby’s face by herself (there are four faces to choose from), and that touching the buttons results in pop-up windows prompting in-app purchases.

Baby Play Face iPad App: Picky Kid Rating 1.7/5The base version of the application is free. This gets the four baby faces that respond to touch. As the player touches different areas of the face, the face reacts, a word pops up, and the narration reinforces the word. There are about ten active areas with vocabulary words. In-app purchases are available for $0.99 a pop for Expressions (shaking the iPad will make the baby “angry”, “sad” or “happy”), a Multi-lingual mode, or recording your own voiceover. We purchased Expressions, but it is difficult for a two-year-old to shake an iPad (and should we really shake babies anyway)?

In the picky kid’s opinion, in-app purchases for children’s games should be difficult to access, not up-front like they are in Baby Play Face, where their accessibility interrupts gameplay, and a parent must say “no, don’t touch that.”

Even though Baby Play Face is free, we don’t recommend it.

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Picky Kid Rating: 1.7/5

Review: Baby Play Face iPad app, 1.7 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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Baby Play Face

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Price: Free, with in-app purchases

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