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by Steph K on October 27, 2013

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Here's how the apps recently reviewed by the Picky Kids rank!

Here’s our seventh(!) app review roundup! After every ten apps we review, we publish our roundup showing how they stack up based on our ratings. (Oops, looks like we got out of order on this one — the last app we reviewed, BeBops, will appear in the next roundup!)

1. Leo’s Pad, Picky Kid Rating 4.4

Leo’s Pad richly illustrates and animates learning for preschoolers in an interactive video format, called “appisodes.” Help Leo and his friends paint, build rockets, fly through space and more as you follow instructions and learn about patterns, sorting, numbers, shapes and colors (to name a few!). Best for picky kids ages 3½ and older.

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2. Tiny Hands Sorting II, Picky Kid rating: 3.9

Tiny Hands Sorting II iPad appThis is a cute and straightforward sorting app for toddlers with colorful illustrations and fun animations. The goal of the game is to sort objects into the correct categories by dragging, sometimes by shape or color, other times by concept (e.g. what’s appropriate to wear on a hot day versus a cold one). Recommended for picky kids ages 2-3.

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3. Who Stole the Moon, Picky Kid rating: 3.1

This is a beautifully illustrated and calm storybook app with several related activities and songs. It’s a creative tour de force that pack a lot of punch into a kids app and can be enjoyed on lots of different levels. Best for picky kids ages 3-5.

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4. Jungle Adventure, Picky Kid rating: 3.0

Jungle Adventure iPad appIn Jungle Adventure, toddlers learn vocabulary and counting by looking for animals in colorfully illustrated jungle scenes. The animals hide just enough to make it interesting for kids. There’s also a very simple puzzle activity. Best for picky kids ages 2-3.

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5. (tie) MatchBlitz, Picky Kid rating: 2.9

MatchBlitz iPad appMatchBlitz is a multi-player iPad game that helps kids learn to recognize visual similarities and differences. It’s conceptually very simple: earn points by being the first to tap the duplicated object. But it’s challenging enough that older kids (and adults) can enjoy playing too.  Best for ages 3 and up.

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5. (tie) StoryBots Tap & Sing, Picky Kid rating: 2.9

StoryBots Tap & Sing iPad appIn this app, kids can make music and play songs by tapping absolutely adorable robots. The app is very simple, but very well animated; and the robots’ ‘personalities’ make it cute and fun. Best for kids ages 2-3.

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7. Tizzy Driving Adventure, Picky Kid rating: 2.5

Tizzy Driving Adventure iPad appYour pre-schooler can take a virtual road trip in this app, stopping along the way for various activities where they practice skills like sorting, spatial puzzles, car washing, etc. In between activities, they can “drive” the car by tilting the iPad left or right. (Or just play with the radio and the windshield wipers.) Best for kids ages 2-3.

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8. (tie) Happy Draw Bug, Picky Kid rating: 2.4

Drawbug iPad appDrawbug helps kids draw objects by following a little wormlike creature with their finger on the screen. When all the lines are drawn, they can color their creations by rubbing the screen. Kids can practice writing a few letters and symbols too, but not the full alphabet. Appropriate for ages 3-4.

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8. (tie) Happy Geese, Picky Kid rating: 2.4

Happy Geese is an iPad app that introduces kids to classic multi-player board game concepts Snakes and Ladders and the Game of the Goose. It also teaches kids to recognize colors, numbers, letters and symbols as they roll the die and find the matching square. Appropriate for ages 3 (with parental help for setup) and up.

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10. Loopy Lost his Lettuce, Picky Kid rating: 2.1

We like the crocheted artwork, but ultimately, this storybook app and its games are too complex for pre-schoolers, and have limited educational value. OK for not-so-picky kids 4 and up.

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