App Review Roundup 5

by Steph K on April 15, 2013

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Kids App Review Roundup 5

Here's how (most of) the apps recently reviewed stack up!

The kids app roundup is here again! The Picky Kids share our App Review Roundup — how the latest apps we reviewed fared, ranked in order of their rating. (In case you’re wondering, we got our dates a bit out of order — the last app we reviewed, Little Genius, will appear in the next roundup!)

1. Memollow, Picky Kid Rating 4.4

Memollow is an adorable memory game with great illustrations, animations and music. This app does just one thing (there are 10 different themes to choose from), but does it extremely well. Best for picky kids ages 3-5.
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2. Lots2Spot, Picky Kid Rating 4.2

Lots2Spot is a cute and engaging listen & find game that teaches vocabulary, colors, categorization, and counting up to five in three different levels. Best for picky kids ages 18 months to 3+ years.
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3. (tie) Identikat, Picky Kid Rating 3.8

In this creative/puzzle game, you’ll get to build cats out of beautiful fabric scraps. We love the rich colors and textural feel, but don’t like it that you have to turn the iPad 90 degrees during play. Best for picky kids ages 3 and up.
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3. (tie) Jungle Picnic, Picky Kid Rating 3.8

Jungle Picnic iPad app - Picky Kid Rating: 3.8/5Jungle Picnic brings some great sorting and proto-math skills into three fun activities and a (very) short story. Best for picky kids ages 3 and 4.
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5. Creativium, Picky Kid Rating 3.3

Kids can explore calm and colorful worlds in this free-form game. Be prepared to make up your own story, as play is not directed at all! Best for kids ages 2 through 4.
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6. Toca Band, Picky Kid Rating 3.2

Experiment with different sounds as you create your own band in this music app. Each performer adds a different unique sound to the looped music. Best for 2- to 4-year-olds.
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7. PlayART, Picky Kid Rating 3.1

Release your inner art historian in this game where you can create artwork based on the work of four famous artists. Relatively complex tools make it best for kids 2 and older.
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8. Kids Coloring & Math, Picky Kid Rating 2.8

An adaptation of paint-by-numbers, this game has two levels, one where you match numbers to color, another where you must solve equations. Good for kids ages 3+.
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9. 1-2-3 Trains, Picky Kid Rating 2.5

Count with trains, submarines or space capsules in 1-2-3 Trains. It’s fun to add them to the tracks, but sort of confusing at times. Best not-so-picky kids age 2 or so.
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10. Preschool Fun, Picky Kid Rating 2.0

The Preschool Fun app has a lot of activities, but it’s inconsistent. Some activities are good, others are downright strange! Suitable for not-so-picky kids ages 2-5.
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