App Review Roundup 4

by Steph K on January 17, 2013

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Picky Kid App Review Roundup 4

Here's how the apps most recently reviewed stack up!

It’s roundup time! After every ten (or so) apps we we review, the Picky Kids share our App Review Roundup — how the latest apps we reviewed fared, ranked in order of their rating. There are some great apps in this set (nice to see multiple apps scoring 4+), hooray!

1. Tally Tots, Picky Kid Rating 4.4

Tally Tots iPad app: rating 4.4/5Tally Tots is our favorite counting app to date. In fact, we’ve almost stopped looking! Kids learn to count up to twenty with engaging and interactive scenes. Best for picky kids ages 18 months – 3 years.

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2. Tizzy Seasons, Picky Kid Rating 4.3

Tizzy Seasons iPad app: rating 4.3/5Explore the seasons in the countryside with lots of toddler- and preschool-friendly activities and beautiful illustrations. This app will likely score higher once a few bugs and usability issues are cleared up. Best for picky kids ages 3 and 4.

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3. Little Fox Music Box, Picky Kid Rating 4.2

Little Fox Music Box iPad app thumbnailSing songs and explore gorgeous scenes with Little Fox in this music “songbook”. Check out the Fox Studio to make your own music, and make sure to try tapping everything. This app would score higher if it had more than three songs. Best for picky kids ages 2-4.

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4. Toca House, Picky Kid Rating 4.0

Toca House iPad app - Rating: 4/5
In Toca House, kids can do all sorts of virtual housework: sort the mail, wash dishes, do laundry, mow the lawn, and more! It’s entertaining, but not as useful as having them do the real thing… Best for picky kids ages 3-4.

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5. Pixel and Parker, Picky Kid Rating 3.7

Pixel and Parker iPad app: Rating 3.7/5This is an interesting concept — part story, part spinner game — in app form. It’s fun for preschool kids (a bit repetitive for adults), with the right amount of interactivity and experimentation to keep them engaged. Best for picky kids ages 3-4.

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6. (tie) Trucks and Things that Go, Picky Kid Rating 3.1

Trucks and Things That Go iPad app - Rating 3.1/5Virtual peg-puzzles for the transportation fanatic! There are lots of vehicles represented in different categories, ranging from a bicycle to a missile (huh?). Great illustrations, but some questionable content, read our review before you buy… Best for ages 2.5 – 4.

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6. (tie) ABC Day, Picky Kid Rating 3.1

ABC Day iPad app: Rating 3.1/5Pop bubbles while learning your ABCs in this undersea-themed iPhoneapp (we don’t recommend it for iPad). ABC Day has a variety of activities, including letter tracing and spelling — worth a look if you don’t already have an alphabet app on your phone. Best for kids ages 2-4.

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8. Slibby the Snail, the Stolen Food, Picky Kid Rating 2.5

Slibby the Snail, the Stolen Food: Ratng 2.5/5This app incorporates simple games into a story about a snail helping his ant friends find their missing food. The activities are fairly good for preschoolers, but the story isn’t up to snuff. Best for not-so-picky kids ages 3-5.

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9. (tie) The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, Picky Kid Rating 2.4

Three Little Pigs: Rating 2.4/5This is the well-known story of the three little pigs in a somewhat interactive book app. The scenes in this book are less explorable and refined than we’d like, but on the plus side, it’s free. (With some add-ons available for purchase.) Best for not-so-picky kids ages 3-5.

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9. (tie) MagiKid Umbrella, Picky Kid Rating 2.4

MagiKid Umbrella - Rating 2.4/5MagiKid Umbrella is a very short story about rain and umbrellas. At the end of the story, you’re shown how to make a tiny paper umbrella. There’s also a dress-up game and a music video. The app is cute, but not very engaging. Best for not-so-picky kids ages 3-5.

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