About Us

Who are the Picky Kids?

The picky kids are B (age 3) and her parents. We sometimes enlist the help of J (age 5) and M (age 6) to inform our opinions of apps for (slightly) older children. All apps are used and reviewed personally by us — no robot reviews here! We may allow other (human) reviewers in the future if we trust them.

Picky Kid 1This is B. In all honesty, she’s not that picky for a two three-year-old. Particular is more like it. Her favorite food is bleu cheese and she’s happy to do just about anything outside. B has been using the iPad since 7/2011 and the iPhone since 7/2010, so she’s fairly experienced with this technology.

Picky Kids 1 and 2This is me (with B on the trip when we got our first iPad). I’m a user experience professional with a background in Web development, branding and art. It feels like I’ve been doing this since the beginning of time (1997). If I do my job well nobody notices, because user experience should be completely intuitive and unobtrusive. Here’s what I’m doing when not playing with B or skiing.